Dayna Williams

Boise, Idaho, United States

Creative professional who really enjoys contributing to many different types of project. Very loyal and dependable, love working with teams.

Personal Leadership Style

Primary Leadership Style


You are a highly creative person who is generous with their time, talent and contributions. People look to you to help them express ideas because they know you have a knack for adding unique color and flair to everything you do.

Secondary Leadership Style

Change Maker

You are a talented person who is committed to transformation. When you look at the world you are motivated by the possibilities and are personally committed to “be the change you want to see.” You are not deterred when others may not immediately jump on board. Instead you work with like-minded, influential people to focus on small wins first.

Top 5 Skills

What's important to me in an organization

I am seeking an environment where I can contribute and help the company grow.

Most admired leader

Mickey Mouse

What I am proud to have accomplished

I was really happy to graduate from college.

Favorite Quote
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